User Interface Design and Development (creating awesome experiences).
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By converging the trifecta of User Experience, Visual Design, and Development we achieve the state of a digtial experience known as awesomeness.
User Experience
The user experience is the key to the success of any interface.
The basis of any great experience is its ability to allow a user to easily and quickly accomplish the tasks they intend. At Facet Studios, we partner with our clients to create the most intuitive user experiences on a variety platforms through tested and tried interaction principles and effective user testing.
Visual Design
Rich user interfaces build strong brands and the perception of quality for users.
As users become more savvy and technology driven, sub-par graphics and motion design no longer meet their expectations. At Facet Studios we strive to create visually rich and moving experiences that make an emotional impact upon consumers and build brand equity.
Tight integration with visual design and interaction is crucial to bringing experiences to life.
Using state of the art technologies and standards we work to develop the best applications and websites on a variety of platforms. We strive to develop the best interfaces through close integration between interaction design, visual design and development.