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Founded in San Francisco in 2008 and with over 15 years experience in digital and print projects, Facet Studios has what it takes to bring your vision and ideas to the next level.  We work with tech giants, start-ups, big companies, small companies, and a whole bunch of innovative in betweeners.  Reach out and you might be next.

We are currently located in the Salt Lake area in Utah.
Josh Bunting, Founder

Joshua Bunting


Joshua Bunting started Facet Studios with the goal of creating a small studio that produces big studio work without the big studio overhead.   He has been leading teams or producing compelling solutions in UX, Visual Design, and Web/App programming for 18+ years.  He has had the pleasure to work with many high profile companies like Disney, Yahoo, and Axiom Law as well as with many medium and small companies.  He currently holds a BFA in graphic design and when he isn't leading, creating or developing stellar digital works for clients, he is spending time with his family or mountain biking, hiking, and skiing in the beautiful outdoors of Utah.

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