1-800 Contacts App
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Facet Studios - 1-800 Contacts AppFacet Studios - 1-800 Contacts App
Facet Studios - 1-800 Contacts AppFacet Studios - 1-800 Contacts App

1-800 Contacts worked with Facet Studios to create an compelling tool that would allow users to track the life of their contacts as well as view recent promotions and find an eye doctor.  

LensGauge™ by 1-800 CONTACTS® is designed to be the contact lens wearer's best companion. From tracking how many days your contacts have been in each eye, to monitoring your lens supply, to scheduling an appointment for a new eye exam -- this elegant app is only one click away.

Whether you are a 1-800 CONTACTS® customer or not, these free LensGauge™ tools can be an indispensible way to ensure you are wearing your contacts in an organized and healthy way.

• Simple dashboard that gives an at-a-glance view of wear, supply and exam info
• Ability to track how long a contact lens has been in each eye
• Gauge the contact lens supply you have left before re-ordering
• Find a vision center in your area, and schedule a new exam 
• Re-order more contacts straight from the app (for both existing and new customers)
• Log the brand you wear, order date, and customer information for future reference (optional)

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