Etolis: Arena
Interactive, iPhone, Game
Facet Studios - Etolis: ArenaFacet Studios - Etolis: ArenaFacet Studios - Etolis: ArenaFacet Studios - Etolis: ArenaFacet Studios - Etolis: Arena
Facet Studios - Etolis: ArenaFacet Studios - Etolis: ArenaFacet Studios - Etolis: ArenaFacet Studios - Etolis: ArenaFacet Studios - Etolis: Arena

Facet Studios has a love for interfaces, gaming and mobile devices.  Etolis: Arena is an output of that passion.  Its a dual stick shooter game for iPhones and iPads which brings sci fi and a back story to the iOS gaming genre in a way that can be easily picked up by casual gamers and hard core gamers alike.  It is currently being published through Chillingo.


Can you survive the Arena?

Captured by an invading alien horde, you were thrown into the Arena as a galactic gladiator, forced to fight for their entertainment. No one has survived beyond the first round, but they have underestimated you. 

Press Quotes
"If you've got a few extra dollars to spend, this is definitely worth it." — JetStream Games

Etolis: Arena is an intense, action packed dual stick survival shooter where you, a skilled space marine, fight wave after wave of The Queen's forces. Survive against endless rounds of increasingly difficult enemies. Play through the rounds to uncover the secret behind The Queen’s invasion!

Etolis: Arena features additional game modes; Dronez, Rockets, and Hammers. In Dronez you must battle against an endless horde of deadly drones. Defend yourself using a variety of small arms. With Rockets the clue is in the title, survive as long as you can, fending off your enemies with a ton of super explosive rockets! In Hammers you’re gonna have to get in close and crush your foes with a giant hammer!

With a variety of weapons to unlock as you progress through the game, you won’t tire of blasting holes in your unfortunate enemies. From plasma weapons to explosive mines there is no shortage of ways to defend yourself in the Arena. Your captors will send wave after wave of deadly enemies at you ranging from slender alien creatures with whip-like arms to bulking robot behemoths intent on turning you into space dust. Plus there are special power-ups to discover.

Watch your foes, and the environments that contain them crumble and explode in stunning Retina Display High Definition. There is the option of a Dynamic Camera for close up action and the arena really comes to life in an explosion of bright and vivid colors from your blasters! 

Etolis: Arena is fully integrated with Crystal and Game Center, compete with your friends and on global leaderboards, as well as unlock achievements!

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Services: Visual Design, Interaction Design, Unity3D development, 3D Modeling, 3D Animation, Motion Graphics, Sound Design, and Story Writing